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Report of the Special Investigative Panel
for Review of Executive MBA Program Records

Report of the Special Investigative Panel [742k pdf]

Appendix 1: Document Index [3,642k pdf]

Appendix 2: Interview List with Dates [62k pdf]

Meeting notes from the independent interviews:
(Note: This is not a complete list of all panel interviews. Others will be posted after review by the University legal staff and redaction of material from student records that is protected by Federal law.)

January 16, 2008:

Jay Coats [174k pdf]

January 17, 2008:

Ade Neidermeyer [79k pdf]
Jerry Blakely [174k pdf]
Steve Sears [268k pdf]

January 18, 2008:

Cheng Khoo and Steve Taylor [170k pdf]
Linda Sypolt [74k pdf]
Paul Speaker [211k pdf]
Victor Chow [31k pdf]

January 23, 2008:

Monika Renard [41k pdf]

January 31, 2008:

Karen France [78k pdf]
Dietrich Schaupp [42k pdf]

February 5, 2008:

Jack Fuller [121k pdf]

February 6, 2008:

Rob Moorman [38k pdf]

February 7, 2008:

Karen Denning [65k pdf]

February 8, 2008:

Brandon Twigg [139k pdf]
Cy Logar [242k pdf]

February 13, 2008

William Oliver [228k pdf]

February 14, 2008:

Michael Castle [125k pdf]

February 15, 2008:

Jerry Blakely (full panel) [346k pdf]
Jess Mancini (full panel) [91k pdf]
Paul Speaker (full panel) [442k pdf]
Steve Sears (full panel) [380k pdf]

February 22, 2008:

Bonnie Anderson [255k pdf]

February 27, 2008:

Elizabeth Vitullo [148k pdf]

February 29, 2008:

Bill Case (full panel) [440k pdf]
President Mike Garrison (full panel) [319k pdf]
Cy Logar (full panel) [356k pdf]
Craig Walker (full panel) [420k pdf]
Gerald Lang (full panel) [376k pdf]
Alex Macia (full panel) [297k pdf]
Leah Summers (full panel) [307k pdf]

March 5, 2008:

Jennifer Fisher [136k pdf]

April 10, 2008:

Kunal Banerji [68k pdf]

April 16, 2008:

Sherry Korczynski [101k pdf]





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